This is an Onam experiment for me. I have been concerned that my existing blog,, has no mechanism that shows summaries of posts with a “more…” link; thus long posts take up a lot of space.

On the other hand, blogspot has the advantage that I can simply forward mails to the blog. To post something here I actually have to type in a lot of stuff into an HTML box as opposed to forwarding a mail with a comment.

So I think this blog will be qualitatively different from the old one, which will continue to exist. There will be more little essays here rather than quick comments. Thus the old blog will be the spontaneous one, this the more sparse but more edited one.

Hence I am trying out this new blog to see if it is a better experience for all concerned. Your comments are welcome. If this experiment doesnt work — for instance this HTML editing feels really slow — I will revert entirely to the old blog.