Arrogance and cupidity
Rajeev Srinivasan
There are echoes of the Gilded Age and the Roaring Twenties in the US these days. The Dow Jones Index has hit several all-time highs, and a few hedge-fund managers took home a billion dollars each last year. Yet, Toyota just overtook General Motors as the biggest car-company in the world and US industry continues to hollow out. April has been a cruel month, with the Virginia-Tech shootout and the increasing number of American bodybags coming home.
The continued decline of the dollar and the apparently unstoppable rise of China and India are alarm signals for the health of the US economy. But the political situation is even more fraught, as Iraq is rapidly becoming this generation’s Vietnam, and the lame-duck Presidency of Mr George W Bush is on a self-destructing spiral, the latest example being ex-CIA honcho George Tenet’s broadside against his former boss and colleagues in the Bush White House. Meanwhile, Bush acolyte and World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz is at the centre of a raging scandal.
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The fallout from 9/11

September 11, 2006

The following appeared on, but with a subtle change: they edited out a sentence.

I wrote:

“Al-Qaeda appears to be more and more a figment of some fevered State Department staffer’s brain, because it is not a small group of extremists, but practically the entire Ummah, the Mohammedan community, that is up against America.”

They took out the last phrase, which makes that a dangling sentence that does not make sense. It now reads:

“Al-Qaeda appears to be more and more a figment of some fevered State Department staffer’s brain, because it is not a small group of extremists.”

This is intriguing, as my statement was reasonably factual. Opinion poll after opinion poll shows that the Mohammedan-on-the-street anywhere is rather unhappy with the US.

Here’s the entire article:

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The anniversary of 9/11

September 6, 2006

It is a little sad that the US has comprehensively and thoroughly dissipated all the goodwill towards the country in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. And exactly what has the Bush administration achieved since then in the much-hyped war on terror?

  • Osama bin Laden is still at large
  • The price of oil has shot through the roof, which means Saudi Arabia has mountains of cash to fund terrorism
  • The threat of Mohammedan terrorism has reached alarming levels all over the world
  • The American invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have bogged down seriously
  • Israel has had its image of invincibility dented
  • Iran, flush from its success in supporting Hizbollah, is thumbing its nose at the US
  • America’s image has taken a beating all over the world
  • The Pakistanis are in the thick of every terrorism operation in the world, and yet George Bush will only give the ISI a slap on the wrist

The only thing that is a concrete achievement is the removal of Saddam Hussein, which isn’t that big a deal, really.

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