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4 Responses to “About”

  1. rmathews Says:

    Hi Rajeev,

    Before I start I just want to add that I am an atheist. My last name is something that I was just born with.
    Like you I also believe that the Sachar Commision report is nothing but hogwash votebank politics to the core.

    I disagree with your so called “Hindu” activism. I believe that all your trying to do is to perpetuate Brahminical domination. If you truly believe in an equitable Hindu Society why isn’t the very concept of caste being banned? Why don’t you get the prominent Acharyas of all the various temples & Mutts across the country and issue a decree banning caste

    Caste is the single most devisive factor affecting Indian Society today. If you sort this out by starting on the religious front I see no reason why we cannot tackle the menace of Islamic domination

  2. airjordan707 Says:

    Hi Mathews,

    The beautiful thing about Hinduism is that you could be an athiest and a hindu !
    But anyway, lets look at the caste system from the larger perspective of why it existed when it did and how it has been wrongly interpreted. I am no expert on this topic but it seemed like an approach to providing some semblance of structure to social responsibilities. If applied without hierarchy, it also ensures that traditional skills and knowhow are not only effectively passed on across generations but also enhanced over a period of a few generations.
    As far as misuse of the caste system goes, how do we differentiate caste-related crimes from ‘class-related’ crimes ? No temple stops any govt from prosecuting a Brahmin for crimes against a dalit. Also, noone stops a dalit from thinking that he/she is superior to anyone else.
    It is easy for temples to ‘ban’ the caste system (not sure what that means though!) I doubt if they will succeed in destroying the misinterpretation of the caste system. Also, if we are willing to be equally proactive in enforcing the positives the hinduism gives us, I am sure the temples would gladly give up things that dont make a positive contribution to society.
    We ‘banned’ apartheid, racism etc but do you think that people actually stopped practising it ?

  3. Nita Says:

    Rajeev I have tagged you for the Thinking Blog award.

    You can check it out here:

  4. bharatright Says:


    I have been a long time admirer of your articles – have always waited for the next piece. I may not always agree with you, but, you continue to be a breath of fresh air in our liberal-dominated media.

    There is no doubt that the liberals dominate our media and most Indians do not know both side of the picture due to censorship. To counter liberal Indian media, we have started a website: – Opinions Portal For Moderate Nationalists

    This website provides links to nationalist articles published in various newspapers. All the items in website appear as hyperlinks and a summary of article is provided just under the article header. We also pick up divergent opinions and compare with nationalist opinion, so readers can compare both the views and reach their decision. The articles are updated on a daily basis. The headline news stories are updated every 30 minutes.

    Rajeev, please review this and send us your comment at I will truly appreciate your time on this. I would also like to speak to you at your convenience to get your advice on how to popularize this concept. If its okay, please send your contact details in the email.

    Madhup Rathi

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