after a terrible headline: “experienced and hardworking: why indians like hillary” and i complained, firstpost has retitled it as above.

personally, i am of the school of thought that says #anybodybuthillary, especially because the entire #deepstate, including @nytimes, @theeconomist have endorsed her. that must mean ipso facto that she’s a terrible candidate for anybody other than the #deepstate.

i also believe she’ll be really bad for india, given how her husband, she and now obama/kerry have all been so chummy with pakistan. and not to forget huma abedin, her conscience-keeper.

this was published in the March edition of swarajya magazine. here is the link:

by taking advantage of arduino, raspberry pi, intel galileo and so on, electronics entrepreneurs can create products rapidly, in a repeat of how open source such as #unix and its derivates like #linux, #android, #ios etc have made software innovation much more feasible.

this was published by at on mar 16th.

therein, i consider how #deepstate-funded and inspired #paidmedia is jumping through hoops to create an imaginary universe where truth = falsehood. very orwellian, indeed.

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