Reblog: Rembembering Christopher Hitchens

March 17, 2013

Hitchens was one awesome dude. An atheist this theist could respect.

Shadow Warrior


This is an unpublished piece I wrote some time ago. I have admired Hitchens for a long time.

Why Christopher Hitchens was one of the most important intellectuals of the recent past

Rajeev Srinivasan looks back at the career of the formidable journalist and essayist who passed away recently

We shall miss Christopher Hitchens for at least three reasons. First, he was the kind of atheist that even a theist could appreciate and applaud. Second, even though he had strongly-held beliefs, he was confident enough to change them when he was confronted with sufficient evidence. Third, there was the courage with which he faced terminal cancer, seldom losing his cool or his acerbic wit or feeling sorry for himself.

I never met Hitchens, and that was my loss. What his friends and acquaintances have painted in their eulogies is a picture of a famous wit with an extraordinary memory, who…

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