The center cannot hold

June 25, 2009

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The center cannot hold

The incidents in Lalgarh, West Bengal, have clarified that the writ of the Government of India does not hold sway in certain parts of the country. There is the dismissive story of how the last Mughal Emperor was sovereign of only a few square miles in Delhi by 1803, while the rest of the country was ruled by others. In all fairness, the Central Government today does control more territory than did Bahadur Shah.

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One Response to “The center cannot hold”

  1. osudrania Says:

    Dear Mr Rajeev Srinivasan,
    I apologize for making my comment here regarding your article, “There is no democracy in India”. As I have no rediffmail ID, I found it difficult to make my post there and as you have provided your blog ID, it made it easier for me.

    I shall agree with you cent percent. I being a medical man, equate it to a still birth. A difficult delivery on a full term pregnant lady conducted by a highly qualified obstetrician but with a swollen egoistic head too aware of his qualifications but least interested in the actual job except for earning self laurels. No empathy. Too bad.

    The independence was thought to be the end of the journey, whereas the real journey should have been started with the independence. As Shiv Khera says,”The successful people do not do different things, but the same thing differently”. I remember our much revered Vinoba Bhave who had said in late fifties (as early after the independence), “Jab Byabhichaar aam ho jaaye, tab byabhichaar sadaachaar ho jaataa hai, aur sadaachaar hi byabhichaar ban jaataa hai”. I hope you can understand hindi as it had appeared in ‘Saritaa’- a hindi monthly magazine in sometime 1958 or so. Please note the year post-independence, how sad. Please read his dejection in it.

    I may try an english translation in case- Byabhichaar = Corruption; Sadaachaar = Righteousness. If corruption becomes routine, then corruption looks like righteousness and righteousness looks like corruption.

    A talk of “Nationalism” is taboo and abhorent today, so is hinduism. You have no body seemingly satisfied today in this country. The political and bureaucratic machinary is as smart as Mr Laloo Prasad in manipulating the figures and data that is difficult for anybody outsider to understand the real meaning. They are very smart at the play of linguistics and charts. You being a man in management will definitely understand it well. The aliens love them.

    It is now a far more complex situation, not just limited to India or the Indian sub-continent; there are powerful and big players with very deeprooted and eagle eyed vested interests near and far, a ‘peace’ does not seem a near future entity. As it is against the interest of those people with hidden agendas. They are the ones who are most vocal to shed the crocodile tears too. They will do anything to keep the unrest going, yet intent and portray a promotion of peace and solution to your problems like elephants teeth; though it is not their actual desire.

    Now I only hope a Divine intervention in this dificult and highly complicated world situation. Good sense prevail on all.

    With my loving regards to you and your associates,
    Dr. O. P. sudrania

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