Towards a failed State – Ghori, Jaichand and friends redux

November 27, 2008

rediff published this with some fairly significant edits at — to some extent the piece was rendered toothless — and so here is the original copy I sent them.

Towards a failed State – Ghori, Jaichand and friends redux

Rajeev Srinivasan on the attack on Mumbai

The invasion of Mumbai by Pakistani terrorists – and undoubtedly local collaborators – is but a replay of times past: the periodic and predictable arrival of barbarians over the Khyber Pass, laying waste to the countryside, and wreaking untold damage on a long-suffering populace. The only crime that the average Indian committed was to focus on the creation of wealth; of course, the barbarians came because of the wealth. Today, once again, India is generating capital, and the intention is to thwart its economic rise.

Then, as now, the rulers failed the populace. There is an implicit contract between the rulers and the ruled: you pay the taxes, obey the rules, and we ensure that your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are unhindered. India’s ruling class failed signally to honor this contract – they never did figure out that the simple expedient of defending the Khyber and Bolan passes would be enough to save the plains, because Nature had been kind enough to build the impregnable Himalayas all around India.

I have never got a satisfactory answer to the question as to why we didn’t build the Great Wall of India. The Chinese built a 1,500-mile wall; Indians could surely have built a 15-mile wall and kept the marauders out. But there was clearly a failure in leadership and in strategic thinking. Time after time, the barbarians would pour in through the passes, march to Panipat or Tarain, and there, in a desperate last-ditch battle, the Indians would lose, again and again. The result: disaster.

Furthermore, there were traitors in-house, too. They would collude with the invaders to the detriment of their fellow-Indians. Jaichand, during the Second Battle of Tarain in 1192 CE, turned the tide of the battle by allying with Mahmud of Ghori against Prithviraj Chauhan, with the result that Northern India suffered 700 years of Mohammedan tyranny – it was a clear tipping point. Or take the battle of Talikota that ended the magnificient Vijayanagar empire: it was their own troops that betrayed them.

Fast forward to today. India is under withering attack on all fronts. To the east, there is the demographic invasion by Bangladeshis, including unhindered infiltration by terrorist elements. The entire Northeast is in danger of secession, given both the narrow and hard-to-defend Chicken’s Neck that connects the area to the Gangetic plain, as well as the Christian fundamentalism and terrorism that is on the verge of turning into a move to secede on religious and ethnic grounds, a la East Timor.

The northern frontier is restive, with Nepal, a former ally and buffer state transformed into hostile territory, with its porous borders turned into a way of infiltrating Mohammedan terrorists and Communist terrorists into India, with the declared intent of capturing the “Pasupati-to-Tirupati corridor”, in other words, most of the eastern half of the country.

China is making increasingly belligerent noises about Tawang and all of Arunachal Pradesh. They are gambling that, despite the summit that just took place in Dharmasala, the steam has gone out of the Tibetan resistance movement. They have been emboldened by the fact that Tibetans were not able to disrupt the Olympics, and the more immediate betrayal by the British (International Herald Tribune, “Did Britain Just Sell Tibet?” , who declared, contrary to all the historical evidence, that Tibet was always a part of China. Besides, the Chinese fully intend to move forward with the diversion of the Brahmaputra, which is in effect a declaration of war against the lower riparian State, India.

It is likely that the Chinese will march into Tawang – there is a lot of chatter in Chinese circles (see, an analysis by D S Rajan at the Chennai Center for China Studies about a “limited India-China war”, a replay of 1962. The Chinese have, in addition to pure geopolitics, another reason to do this, as was pointed out by strategy expert Brahma Chellaney – as in the years preceding 1962, the world is now once again hyphenating India and China. By handing India a sharp conventional military defeat, China would like that hyphenation to be removed decisively, as it surely would be. India will once again be seen as the loser it has been during the entire 1947-2000 period.

In the Northwest, Kashmir burns. The population clearly views India as a colony – they want Indian money, but they are not willing to make the slightest concessions to Hindu sentiments. It is very convenient for them to have the cake and eat it too – there is the little-known fact that J&K has practically nobody under the poverty line (2% and falling), as compared to the average of some 20% in the country as a whole. Kashmiris have prospered mightily despite – or is it because of? – the brutal ethnic cleansing of 400,000 Pundits now languishing in refugee camps.

In the traditionally quiet Peninsula, there is evidence of tremendous terrorist activity. In Kerala, it has been reported widely in the Malayalam media that 300 youths have been hired, trained and dispatched to Kashmir with explicit instructions – kill Indian soldiers and support Pakistani intrusions. Terrorism is just another job. Sleeper cells exist in every town, sometimes in the guise of “Kashmiri emporia”. The Konkan and Malabar coasts are dotted with safe harbors, where weapons, counterfeit currency and contraband are cached. The preferred mechanism – bomb blasts to inflict maximum damage. Logistics, safe houses, surveillance, forged documents, etc. are provided by a wide network.

In the tribal lands of central India, the Northeast and in Orissa, Christian terrorists are joining hands with Communist terrorists. In fact they often are one and the same, as confessed by an alleged Communist leader on TV. Their preferred weapon – liquidation of inconvenient people, as they did in the case of Swami Lakshmananda, the 84-year-old monk that they attacked with AK-47s.

The fact is that all these threats are overwhelming the security apparatus in the country, such as it is. It is quite likely that the Intelligence Bureau and the Research and Analysis Wing and the Anti-Terrorism Squad had some inkling of something big being planned, including the movement of small arms on the Ratnagiri coastline, and the logistics-related activities of known suspects. It is unclear why they didn’t take preventive action.

There is a terrifying possibility – that they in fact had no idea this was going on. There is an aphorism that you cannot stop all terrorist activity, but in India the situation is such that no terrorist activity is stopped – they strike at will, and the populace is left to pick up the pieces of broken lives. This is no way to run a country.

The frightening possibility is that the Jaichands have in fact taken over the State. In which case, we can anticipate the total dismemberment of India – possibly preceded by an interregnum where it is failed State – in the near future.

There is one other possibility – that the Army will have to take over. It is a remote possibility, for two reasons – the Indian Army has been determinedly apolitical; and the State has continually striven to weaken it. Someone once made the ridiculous statement that India really didn’t need an army, only a police force, and it appears the entire political class and bureaucracy have internalized this slogan.

See also

From 1962 – as always, on November 18th I silently saluted the martyrs of the Battle of Rezang-La, where C Company, 13th Kumaon died heroically to the last man – when the ill-equipped troops froze to death on the Himalayan heights, to the refusal to increase military salaries when the bureaucrats awarded themselves 300% increases recently, the State has told the military that it doesn’t value them. All the Services are starved of funds. The recent open attack on Lt. Col. Purohit is another signal that the State despises the military . As Ashok Malik pointed out in the Pioneer (“A Hindu Dreyfus Affair?” ), this is a near-repeat of the celebrated Dreyfus case in France, and alas, we have no Emile Zola to cry “J’accuse!” .

See also

One possible outcome is that the Indian military forces will gradually wither away and die, thus making the statement about India not needing an army a self-fulfilling prophecy. There is another possibility – that of a military coup d’etat. Normally, the prospect of a military takeover – given that they all end up badly – from a democracy is not something one would welcome. But then India is not a democracy – it is a kakistocracy, rule by the very worst possible people – which has the trappings of a democracy but not the substance, so I wonder if military rule could possibly be any worse.

But the chances are getting increasingly good that the Indian State will collapse, just like Pakistan already has. A recent risk assessment by the World Economic Forum and CII (“India@Risk 2008”) considers the economic, energy, food/agriculture and national security that face India. The report is more concerned about the first three items, assuming that India is secure enough as a nation.

I hope they are right, but this invasion of Mumbai – so daring and audacious – makes me wonder. I have considered a nightmare scenario of Chinese battleships arriving in triumph at the Gateway of India, to be welcomed with marigold garlands by the Jaichands, but I have to admit I never thought a motley crew of Pakistani terrorists would invade. The very future of the Indian State, suddenly, is in question. And it is mostly from self-inflicted, avoidable wounds. The failure of leadership is causing India to cease to exist.


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  1. dhara Says:

    For the fanatics like ghost7788, if a jehadi muslim is not saluted upon, then they would blame collective hindu. You say collective Jehadis – He would shout SICKULARISM. Didn’t America invade Iraq for the nation was attacked ?

    These ratards are macaulyite bastards – their hatredness against the hindu and Bharat surpasses the original colonial thugs.

  2. manofsan Says:

    I’ve registered here just to reply to this fathead, Ghost7788. Hey fathead, you’re like the idiot patient who blames his doctor for disclosing the bad news to him about his health, ruined by the patient’s own behaviour. You don’t preserve your health by sitting around in denial and meditating happy thoughts.

    Sorry, but India lives in a tough neighborhood, which is why it needs to have very tough national security policies. Otherwise, we’ll end up overrun by Pakistani jihadists, just like the Afghans have been.

  3. dhara Says:

    ghost – do you know that in more than one state the christian missionary have joined hand with groups who operate AK47s ? Do you know that all mainstream christians don’t subscribe to the radical christian agenda, though the radicals have successfully become the spokesperson for indian christians ?

    There is no argument that anyone who is not a hindu is dumb. However the missionaries have been slaves of imperial states and imperial churches since the colonial days, and they have huge money to spare.

  4. dhara Says:

    Even in 19th century the missionaries didn;t find how the british were callous, thy would find how the hindus are dark. What is new in your accusations that we don;t adhere to certain moral standard of not being criminals ? Do you see that St Xavere was almost a criminal who slaughtered the hindus ?

  5. ramakarupaiah Says:

    Does it matter who Rajeev is? What he states is true. Terrorism is a reality in India and the Government has done nothing to tackle it. I have said and will always say it – the Congress has betrayed and will always betray India. And it is no use arguing otherwise. How do you explain Nehru’s refusal to accept the Chinese threat (he was a total egotist and not a nationalist)? How do you explain Indira Gandhi’s stupidity in not taking back Kashmiri territory? How do you explain Indira Gandhi’s opportunist politics in promoting Brindrinwale (excuse the misspelling) and in turning a blind eye to Bangladeshi immigrant influx into Assam and Bangladesh? How do you explain Sonia Gandhi’s promoting her son who has no qualification as the next prime minister (only a naive person would believe all the hype the media creates around the Gandhi family)? How do you defend the known fact that Congress has scuttled the investigation into Bofors or that there are millions in Swiss bank accounts on the Swiss Govt is willing to give information and yet the Congress drags its feet?

    I hate to admit it but most Indians do not identify themselves as an Indian first. He or she identifies himself or herself as belonging to this caste/ village/ religion first. He only thinks he is an Indian when he is out of the country. This mindset must change; only then will Indians realise all the atrocities committed against the Indian state by the pseudo secularists.

  6. rajeev2007 Says:

    sorry sanman and dhara, i deleted the post from ghost7788, who it turns out is yet another handle for ‘christian’, ‘rightmallu’, ‘major.jacob’, etc — a guy who spends most of his time watching porn on the net, and whose comments have no value whatsoever. sorry this leaves your comments slightly orphaned, but i don’t see any need for me to give this fellow an audience. similarly, i deleted a post from another fellow who seems to think he has proprietory rights over kurasawa. he must be under the delusion that he is kurosawa’s son-in-law.

  7. Ghost Writer Says:

    this is from the original Ghost Writer (as opposed to the ersatz porn-surfing variety! did no one tell you that it is bad netiquette to imitate other people’s handles you pervert)

    It seems that every observer of India, at one time or another is confronted with what Naipaul called ‘the chilling sense of a new Indian dissolution’ – and yet that dissolution never happens. I do believe though that the modern, Nehruvian Indian state is collapsing. If I were in India – I would be quite right to ask the government; ‘why should i pay you any tax?’ The political class that steers the Indian state is either dumb, or blind (or both)

    But I suspect that the ‘news’ of India’s death is – to paraphrase Twain – exaggerated. Things looked much bleaker in the early 80’s (with Khalistan and Assam) and early 90’s (with Kashmir and the impending bankruptcy). India will go on

  8. rajeev2007 Says:

    again, sorry, ghostwriter, for removing yet another post from that pest ‘christian’, now posting under the new moniker ‘ghostwriter7987’. apparently he’s been able to term himself away from his porn sites for a few minutes to vomit inanities here.

    anyway, i do hope as you do that the news of india’s demise is exaggerated. the fact remains that the politicians in india are highly compromised. india is a genuine banana republic now, and with india’s profile so much higher now, and its failings likely to have so much more impact on the world at large, it is sad that we are so comprehensively demonstrating our incompetence and fecklessness.

  9. kislaychandra Says:

    Hi Rajeev,
    What am about to ask is totally unrelated to this post . I am banking on the fact that you must have some idea about it . And as there was no email id of yours mentioned on your blog , I am writing this as a comment .

    This was a comment left on this blogpost( by this blogger (
    “I think you’ll find that some people have suggested that it was impossible for Congress cadres to collect & run riot(1984 Sikh Riots) in such a well coordinated fashion in such a short time. The finger of suspicion points to the involvement of a quasi-militant organization. Like the rss. Look it up.”

    I would like to know if there is any truth in it . Sorry for bothering you like this .

  10. malavikapatil Says:


    It does not behoove you, to be so pessimistic. Twilight is the darkest period before dawn. India has been through much worse disastrous situations before, like the aftermath of 1962 war. India was being pressured to cede part of Kashmir to Pakistan.

    Here are a few things going in favor of India.

    1. India is not alone in this Jihadi war. Some of the establishment here in U.S is worried that India is testing ground and U.S. the real battle ground. This explains the support of the conservatives.

    2. Thanks to the internet and web sites like there is more awareness of the ’empire building ideology of Islam’ amongst Hindus. Unlike the Vijayanagar Kings , Prithviraj Chauhan or their ilk.

    3. India has a well educated population and, they have no intention of living under Sharia. Looking back at 1947 partition, the Indian population did not insist on population exchange because they had no idea of ‘Islam’. I do not think this would happen now.

    4. Just 20 years ago, there was no alternative to Congress. Aam Admi used to think, if BJP comes to power there will be chaos in the nation. Now, even according to fringe extreme left wing magazine Outlook, more Indians think BJP is better than Congress for the national security. Quite a let down for a party which used battle cry ‘foreign hand’ for every election.

    5. There are more institutions in the nation now than ever before, in the present circumstances Indira Gandhi could not have been able to gift away 92,000 POWs for nothing.

    So, I am more hope full, besides arrival of great souls like Swami Chinmayananda, Swami Dayananda Saraswati and Sadguru Siva Subramaniyam Swami does not go in vain.


  11. helioshaze Says:

    Stop being a cynical sensationalist!

  12. manofsan Says:

    and stop lying in such a stuporous haze, helios

    complacent attitudes like yours will only lead to more such atrocities like Mumbai
    look how many have already occurred before this one

  13. mcpanditt Says:

    This is a very truthful article. I hope that the people who matter read this. Also, I would like to say that there was a strategic blunder made while forming the Indian state by making it a “Secular” state. I think that things like secularism exist only when there is prosperity and abundance which India did not had and will not have for very very long time. In such a circumstance, there will always be a few unhappy Jaichands and Khans willing to inflict harm.

  14. mcpanditt Says:

    This is a very truthful article. I hope that the people who matter read this. Also, I would like to say that there was a strategic blunder made while forming the modern Indian state by making it a “Secular” state. I think that things like secularism exist only when there is prosperity and abundance which India did not had and will not have for very very long time. In such a circumstance, there will always be a few unhappy Jaichands and Khans willing to inflict harm.

  15. urbanyogie Says:

    I agree about the neighbors that India has- in fact, I touched upon this briefly in my blog on Mumbai atatcks. But I don’t think that much will change, unless the collective mindset of this country changes. The nation seems to have lost its character and backbone. I don’t say that in regard to any patriotic rallies etc on 15 August or 26 November, or after every manmade or natural disaster, rather, I say that more in terms what people to for their neighborhood, community, society, on daily basis. I think this excerpt pretty much makes the point of where we were, and where we are, and may be, the natural progression is a failed state.
    Lord McCauley said in his speech of Feb 2, 1835, British Parliament:

    “I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such caliber, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation”.
    Lord McCauley in his speech of Feb 2, 1835, British Parliament:

    “I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such caliber, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation”.

    …and he has succeeded, and we, as a group, have helped him…

  16. kristosaurus Says:

    Good article Rajiv. Have been following ur articles with tremendous interest for a while.

    we all know the littany of problems – the anti-Hindu media, corrupt politicians, the collusion of abrahamists + marxists against Hindus… but what is the solution ?

    I believe the problem is more with this system of democracy… as long as we are in a democratic set up the media will continue to prop up anti-Hindu vile in the pretext of “liberalism”.

    Democracy as a system of governance is meant for societies that have 100% literacy – where citizens can understand issues and decide to cast their vote based on an informed opinion… not because the politician belongs to his caste.

    India – on the other hand – is a country that has barely 40-50% literacy, and of that not even 10% understand civilizational and cultural issues.

    Rajiv, are you gonna preach about the need to protect Hindu culture and the concept of DHARMIC BROTHERHOOD to a person whose first and only concern is food, shelter and clothing ?

    The poor would even vote in OSAMA BIN LADEN if he promises them FREE Rice and FREE ELECTRICITY.

    And of the rich and elite sections – how many even think about preserving our civilization, religion and culture for posterity ?

    They are busy minting money and inviting Pakis to TV shows, ICL, IPL.

    That leaves the middle class.. to whom life is nothing but immense struggle to make ends meet.

    And they are also the most gullible by media networks.. they casually catch news on TV where they hear our Prannoy Roys and Rajdeep Sardesai scream 24/7 non stop about the vicious Hindutva Fascist agenda..

    A Hindu rebellion should come from TOP to down, its very much unlike all other rebellions world has ever seen (French, Bolshevik, etc)…

    As the blase’ response to Mumbai Massacre proved, our masses are decidedly on a very long stint of hibernation…

    Heck, these cattle would not even wake up even if Sonia was caught on public TV abusing Hindu Gods or even in the Pakis nuked us.. they would still vote in the same “sickular” thugs and criminals.

    As long as this anarchist mobocracy (that passes off as democracy) exists in India, Hinduism is heading for sure and certain annihilation (and that doesnt seem to be far off)..

  17. bhasinusc Says:

    Hi Rajiv,

    What you are pointing out is exactly true. But who is responsible for this current state. It is us and we and noone else. Sure we can blame the Ghaznis/Ghoris/Aibaks/Sultanates/Moghals/Nizams and British/French etc., but again and again when we have been ourselves responsible for this mess.

    When the nation was partitioned in 1947, even if the Jaichands were ruling the roost, why didnt the Hindus revolt against a secular country?…Even though the Hindus were being butchered in Pakistan and Bangladesh, why did we allow the Muslims to stay back here?.

    Again and again, if we do the same mistake then who is to blame?.

    We did not learn from 600 years of Muslims rule and asked the Muslims to stay back.

    The US and Europe has just woken up to the Islamic savagery but we Hindus……what about us Hindus…We have been saveged, raped, plundered by Muslims for generations and still we dont learn.

    Did not the congress party come to power in the center?..If we Hindus do not learn then whats the use of blaming others?…

    The Muslims will only be happy and they have been happy for generations drinking Hindu blood of men and making good with Hindu women.

    When will we learn?…When?….When our entire religion gets anhiliated.

  18. dnarain Says:

    It is inevitable that entire nations, entire civilizations thus collapse and dwindle. It is but our destiny. It is the price we have to pay for distancing ourselves from nature and the god in it. Only in going back to nature lies our continuance.

  19. rajeev2007 Says:

    oh, i just realized rediff published this about 12 days after i sent it to them, and rather heavily edited it. a lot of the good stuff i said — eg about christist terrorism, about mohammedan safe houses known as ‘kashmiri emporia’ etc. have been deleted, so i suggest you read the full thing above which is what i sent to them.

    also, another version of this has been published by the pioneer at

    ie daily pioneer of dec 1.

    i am really busy now with some time-critical assignments and don’t have time to respond to comments, sorry about that.

  20. kristosaurus Says:


    I believe the major problem with Hindus is lack of enlightenment. And the ones responsible for it are the Nehruvian sickularist thugs. Since 1947, the sickularist marxist self-declared “intellectuals” have assumed 100% control over two main aspects that would otherwise enlighten Hindus:

    1. Media
    2. Education system

    As long as any ideology can control 1 & 2, while having 100% Supreme Executive Power, they can control both proletariat and bourgeois.

    Thats why I’ve come to firmly believe that if Hinduism is to survive this sickularist onslaught, we must get rid of democracy first.

  21. kristosaurus Says:

    This problem will not be solved by replacing congress with BJP.

    The way BJP has not even been able to capitalize on the mumbai massacre proves that its a useless party – one that has so diluted its ideology that its as much a disgrace to India and Hinduism.

    But its the only option we have till we resolve to find a new and more conducive alternative to the current system of anarchist mobocracy afflicting our country.

  22. bhasinusc Says:

    But I think the time has come and it is now to save Hinduism. Let us all Like Minded Hindus be united.

    Please let us share emails and move forward.

  23. Arby K Says:

    The nation has a strong possibility of breaking from within as well. The national parties are dependent on region based parties for garnering majority at the centre. Such a premise do not bore well for the nation on the whole, as it gives more power to the regions leaving the centre weak to prevent an eventual breakup of the nation. We need a central government culpable to the entire nation and not just the regions they get their vote from.

  24. friedyakov Says:

    i entirely agree with your assessment of the current situation in the country. Indians have not learned and the present political masters with their sick minds won’t allow the hapless, illiterate masses to learn either, the lessons of history, in order to continue with the present anarchial political system. The enslavement of India, as we know it, started when the intrigues of the Rajput chieftains of Rajasthan and Delhi governed by petty self-interest, led to infighting and treachery, and consequent defeat of the last great indigenous ruler of Northern India, and brought about more than a thousand years of slavery and untold hardships, torture and death for the masses. And those lessons have not been learnt yet. As shown in the recent state elections, the people of Delhi and Rajasthan, rejected the fight against terror, perhaps viewing the Mumbai incident as that happening in another galaxy, and chose to give priority perhaps to self interests in the form of local development and other issues, if the Congress is to be believed, rather than the fight against terror. So, the party, which avowedly goes soft on terror for obvious reasons, retains the winners crown. And the development they talk about- what is that- maybe a few roads or water supply systems built with Central assistance (as the same party rule from the Centre too). Mind you, India was a rich state when the the invaders crossed the Khyber pass to feed and breed on its wealth. What the masses do not understand is that whatever wealth you earn is of no use if you do not have the means to secure it. It is better to have no wealth rather than having wealth without security, as you are likely to loose your life along with your wealth in the second instance. And for all the eye wash we see being done in Pakistan, we know what it is – mere eye wash. To people who talk about our western neighbour being defeated in the last four wars we fought with it, I have one question- do you know how many times Prithviraj Chauhan defeated that scourge Mohammed Ghauri? And we still follow the sam emistakes of the Rajput chieftain who never chased Ghauri beyond the borders of his own realm. And when he fell one last time which was contributed to by the compilicity of another fellow Rajput ruler, Prithviraj was neither spared his wealth or realm (unlike the great Alexander and Porus), nor his sight and later his life. And he lost only once out of 20 times!!!!. Had Prithiviraj chased Ghauri, the scourge of the devil, beyond the Khyber pass, laid waste to the lands of the invader, killed him and his men and consorts in battle, and ripped him off whatever he had, the Rajput ruler would not have to see 19 more attacks and pain and torture at the end of the day. had he been more proactive, he would have saved India the dilema it faces today. Modern India has made, and continues to make the same mistakes. Inspite of defeating Pakistan hands down four times, neither has the Kashmir issue been solved one and for all, nor was the Indus water issue. And what did we get for letting Pakistan off so lightly in 1971- a legacy of terror which started with the trumped up ‘Kashmir cause’ and now an all involving terror by the Mujhaideen. Unless the indigenous realise this, and act decisively against this, all we can do is to wring our hands in despair, and watch a beautiful country and its people go waste. Inaction by the Indian people on the issue of terror is going to sound the death knell of the Indian polity as we know it.

  25. kristosaurus Says:

    Hello Bhasin and other concerned members..

    I agree that concerned people like us should be united.. and there has been a silent movement among educated young hindus across the world to unite in the cyber world.

    We started a small internet community called HINDU YOUTH ACTION a while ago..

    Our outward appearances are low key, and we like to keep it that way.. We dont even have a website, only a yahoo group… and through that we share ideas and information on current affairs.

    We have no agenda for political activism of any kind yet, only concerned about the country and our Dharmic religion.

    What we offer is brotherhood, unity and exchange of ideas among all Hindus and fellow DHARMIC BRETHREN.

    This group was started out basically to confront the islamists, missionaries and sickularist hate propaganda against Hinduism and Hindus on the cyber world, particularly on Youtube and metacafe where the Khalistanis and Jihadists spread a lot of anti-Hindu tripe that ends up emotionally traumatizing and intimidating young Hindus.

    Please search for “Hindu Youth Action” on yahoo groups and join it if you want to….

    Rajiv sir, you are also welcome to join this yahoo group – would be honored to have an intellectual among our midst.

    Only by the unity of all Hindus barring caste, regional and linguistic differences can we save SANATANA DHARMA for posterity.


  26. amiyashrivastava Says:


    If I am not audacious, may I know what else are you doing about it apart from educating people (which I really appreciate)?

    Don’t you think we have discussed a lot, and if not the military, we should take over the rule in our hands?

    You seem to have assessed the situation rightly. If you have solutions, why don’t you stand in next elections…I’ll make sure that my friends and I will vote for you.



  27. indian4truth Says:

    I don’t think my comment would ever appear in this site b’coz I thoroughly disagree with the author and his motives behind. However, Mr. Rajeev and his column seems to be so naive and echoes the same garbage which the Hindutva thugs have been trying to propagate. It’s beyond doubt that he is a mouthpiece to the fascist Hindutva buggers. He condemns the so-called secular media but by his very article, one knows which side of the battle line he is and how perverted his message is. But, remember Mr. Rajeev, no educated, intelligent and well-informed reader would fall prey to your gibberish. Your articles are only trying to fuel in the Hindu sentiments of the otherwise peaceful Hindus into believing a bunch of lies. Well, before we start with the Mumbai terror, let’s deal with the issue of the ‘strategic’ thinking proposed by you – the building of the ‘Great Wall of India’. Perhaps, the Great the Wall of China built back in 200BCs were enough to ward-off any enemies. But with today’s sophistication, do you think a wall would stop the infiltrators? How about if the enemies fly in or come via sea route. Are you going to build wall all around the shores of Indian Peninsula. This is so silly not strategy. Again your comment about Indian Army being apolitical. Is that why the Hindutva terrorist link has been traced all into the Indian Army as well? If ever you publish my comment, I would like to raise several questions about the Mumbai attack as well as the terror attacks that happened. And perhaps, some questions for you thought.

  28. alba01 Says:

    what is this guy indian4 blabbering about? the great wall was in reference to the old attacks through the khyber pass. have you smoked hashish like your brother terrorists?

    these guys start uttering profanities about bjp when they have nothing to say. what is bjp’s achivememnts? if i were running a hindu party, i would exterminate jehadi and their smpathisers from the face of the earth, selecting each one of you and making an example by the hareshest punishments. only fear can teach you sense. in fact even that would not be enough. for each jehadi attack, i would unleash a 10 times bigger terror attack on you. and no hidden agendas, everything in your face, so be happy you got the gentle and loving bjp on yor side

  29. dhara Says:

    Dear Indian4ChrististSlavery :
    The 3% people, or rather brokers of church who pay maoists own a lot of extra money, they have thousands crores. they have their institutions while they ally with the maoists to target hindus. If you don’t know the link between the so called fathers – aka agents of christist machine – some criminals, and the AK weilding maoists then it is your blindness.

    About the christian education institutes – Thats because these imperialist thugs – the agents of church have a lot of money and they passed legislation so as to make an ordinary hindu difficult to own institutes and get finance. Thats how they looted that money from education sector where hindu contributed to the sickular govt schools before they went bust.

    The church should be less power hungry institute.

  30. kristosaurus Says:

    Indian4″truth” eh ?

    Its ludicrous that you treacherously evil sickularists dare even mention the word “truth” ?

    In reality, you people are so far removed from the concepts of Truth, morality and justice that its like a 2-cent whore preaching the concepts of virginity… perhaps the most treacherous, backstabbing, evil and cruel creatures ever to have lived on earth.

    You must either be a sulla swine, a trecherous christian or the worst of the lot – an abrahamist appeasing marxist/communist piece of human excrement.

    You guys very well know that RSS/VHP are the last tier of defense for Hindus, and once they fall – we’ll be run over by the Abrahmists/Marxists.

    The hateful crimes committed by your kind against Hindus are so cruel and malevolent that the only legit comparison is that of the catholic inquisition and its decimation of native american populace in Latin America.

    Malicious Swine like yourself are the reason why a low life terrorist like AFZAL GURU is still alive and resting luxoriously in jail while the dozens of HINDU policemen who died defending the nation are being showed.

    The abrahamist+marxist nexus is very well documented with the way an 84 year old Swami Laxmananda was mowed down with AK-47s by the Church funded maoists in Orissa.

    Ajmal Kasab, Ismail Khan, John Dayal, Maulana Masood Azhar, Mast Gul, Anup Chetia (read chootya), Afzal guru, Sonia Maino, Rahul Quattrochi and other abrahamist agents are all one and same.

    No amount of sickularist propaganda from your BURQA DUTT, CHRISTIAN DUTTI ROY, RAJDEEP TURD-ISAI that tends to empathize with the terrorists and secularize terrorism in the name of communal harmony will suppress the obvious practical reality – the collusion of abrahamists and marxists to destroy Hinduism through a concerted agenda of terrorism and manipulation of media and education system.

    We’ve faced enough abuse at the hands of sulla-christian-marxists for over 1000 years…. time to reclaim this noble land for Sanatana Dharma once and for all.

    Get out of my country !

  31. skanda123 Says:


    There are many India’s within India. This time the terrorists attacked the India belonging to the ersatz elites. People were gunned down at the Taj & the Oberoi and these people were related to our elites. Hence you see journalists like Barkha Dutt, Vinod Mehra? (Outlook India), Times of India journos etc furious. If it had just been some train commuters at CST station who were gunned down … the journalists would not have been angry.

  32. rajeev2007 Says:

    yes, skanda, there’s “people like us” and everybody else. when PLUs die, we (that is, the chatterati) care. when some poor bihari or oriya soldier is butchered by a pakistani terrorist, we don’t care. i once wrote a column, “some mother’s son” — after all, every poor soldier who dies for the rest of us is some mother’s son, some sister’s brother, some wife’s husband, some daughter’s father. but we only care when the ‘babalog’ are killed. so i suggested that all the babalog — that is, every college graduate — must be forced to serve in the army. the draft does wonders for discipline, among other things.

  33. rajeev2007 Says:

    amiya, people play different roles. my role is that of being the information provider, the polemicist. others who are temperamentally suited for activism or politics need to take those up. given my general non-political-correctness and bluntness, i would be the last person who should go into politics.

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