Final Solution

April 13, 2008

The Final Solution

Rajeev Srinivasan on the all-out assault on Indic ideas

The current violent oppression of Tibetans by the Communist Chinese is only the latest incident in the crime against humanity that has been going on there for fifty-seven years. According to Tibetan activists and human rights workers, at least two thousand Tibetans have been murdered in the incidents in March, with many of them cremated or buried in unmarked graves. The official Chinese numbers of those killed – in the few hundreds – is total eyewash.

The genocide and war crime in Tibet is aimed at completely extinguishing the Tibetan people and culture. It is intended as a Final Solution, much like what the Nazis envisaged for ‘inferior’ peoples like Jews and Gypsies: their total annihilation so that the ‘master race’ (in this case the Han Chinese) can take over their lands and property and culture.

There are also the fifth columnists of the Chinese spewing vitriol and mouthing Xinhua propaganda in the Indian media: the lunatic-fringe editor of a once-proud newspaper is the worst culprit.

This is typical Communist behavior. After all, it is not long since they brutalized and massacred many in Nandigram and Singur, virtually declaring open season on non-Communists. There too, eyewitness and aid worker accounts suggest, there were more than two thousand casualties, including many “disappeareds”, a standard part of the modus operandi of fascist regimes (also see my column “Communism as Fascism”). Independent estimates suggest that Communists have managed to murder 100 million people worldwide.

The Communists’ most recent dance of death in Malabar has caught the attention of the national media only because of a ruckus in Delhi. Normally, large-scale murder by them is treated as a routine, uninteresting matter by the media, as though the Communists have a prerogative to murder anybody they do not like, especially any apostate who has converted out of Communism. In Kannur alone, a thousand people – all Hindus – have been murdered by Communists in the last few decades, in a systematic terror campaign.

There were three other recent incidents in India that were somewhat milder forms of state-sanctioned terror and oppression: nobody was killed, but the message was loud and clear that fascism is the order of the day. Two came from Tamil Nadu. One was the incident at the great temple at Chidambaram, where a number of the temple priests were arrested on ridiculous charges. The second was the attack on history and freedom of speech, when the organizers of a perfectly legal and impeccably historically accurate exhibition on Aurangazeb were assaulted and jailed.

A third was the shameful incident in which author Taslima Nasrin, a woman and a refugee, was exiled from India after assaults by Communist and Mohammedan fundamentalists, and prodding by a government that obviously has no principles whatsoever. This, in an India which has for millennia been the refuge of last resort for the oppressed and the dissident – the original destination for the “huddled masses”.

All of these episodes point to one fact: a clash of civilizations. This is slightly different from what Samuel P. Huntington talked about. Here it is a clash between two different world views, one the “ideologies of the desert” and one the “ideologies of the forest”. Alternatively, they may be called Semitic and Indic, because the Semitic belief systems do have a lot in common, and they are indeed of the West Asian desert. Similarly the Indic belief systems are of tropical rainforest Asia, whence the “aranyakas”, for instance.

There is a fundamental difference imposed by geography: the desert is masculine, harsh, cruel and unforgiving, and you have to live by a few simple rules, which you violate at your peril. For instance: store water; carry food; do not stray from the beaten path; stick with the crowd; show no sympathy to the sick and weak who might slow down your march. Interestingly, in the lush forests of India and further east, none of these rules matters, because the forest is feminine, abundant, bountiful and forgiving; you can afford to take a few risks; you can bend the rules and still survive.

These differences are clearly reflected in the ideologies that arose in their respective areas: the Semitic ones are masculine, harsh, cruel and unforgiving; the Indic ones are feminine, abundant, bountiful and forgiving. Apparently geography is truly history.

All four incidents I have recounted above are reflections of conflicts between the Semitic and the Indic. The Semitic belief systems are more numerous, and can be classified into a taxonomy based on their antiquity:

  • Paleo-Semitic: Zoroastrianism, Judaism
  • Meso-Semitic: Christianism, Mohammedanism
  • Neo-Semitic: Communism, ‘Dravidianism’, Dalitism, and innumerable other isms that are invented every day

There are a few characteristics all Semitic ideas have: one is a Manichean good-evil, ingroup-outgroup, dichotomy, and hence the necessity to have a hated Other. Another is that they demand unquestioning faith: no skepticism is allowed, you have to believe what you are told. A third is a tendency towards intolerance and bigotry. Another is usually a rigid hierarchy, where the unwashed masses are controlled by an establishment of insiders who claim direct hotlines to the objects of reverence.

What you see in all the incidents described above is a struggle between a Semitic ideology and an Indic, where the Indic has been demonized and Other-ized, all the better to effect its liquidation. After all, nobody weeps for the demonized. And demonizing the enemy is a standard tactic in warfare.

The very language used by the Communists against the Indic Buddhists of Tibet (and especially against the Dalai Lama) clearly indicates their intent to demonize: “Nazi”, “feudal”, “splittist”. In exactly the same way the Communists of Malabar denounce the Indic Hindus as “RSS”, “Gandhi-killers”, “bourgeois”, “capitalist”. (Shades of the Nazis demonizing Jews as “Jesus-killers”, of course.)

Similarly the ‘Dravidians’, whose ideology is the Machiavellian divide-and-rule invention of a Christian padre named Caldwell, have their own patented words that they spit out with venom: “Brahmin”, “oppressor”, “casteist”, the irony being that in fact it is the so-called ‘Dravidians’ – the middle-castes of Tamil Nadu – who are, have been, and will be, the main oppressors of the lowest castes.

An interesting news story in this context, which slays all sorts of holy cows, talks about the threat by large numbers of middle-caste-convert Christians to return to Hinduism because of conflicts with low-caste-convert Christians (“20,000 Christians threaten to revert to Hinduism”, New Indian Express, 28th March)
Hello! Isn’t a big part of the propaganda for conversion the claim that there is no caste discrimination in Christianity? Aren’t the ‘Dravidian’ middle-castes the best friends of the Harijans? So much for that all that bull-hickey!

The simple fact is that the Semitic ideas have been for a couple of millennia on the march against the Indic ideas, and they fully intend to extinguish the latter by fire, sword, cultural expropriation, ethnic cleansing, and whatever other means available.

The old religions that held sway around the world three millennia ago – those which have been demonized as “pagan” and “heathen” – were feminine, in fact female-dominated, as, for farming communities the fertility of the earth, as symbolized by the feminine, was of paramount importance. Of these, only the Indic faiths remain, battered but still standing.

Even though it was Zoroastrianism that initially articulated the Manichean dichotomy and the concept of absolute good and absolute evil, it was Christianism that took this idea to heart, and which destroyed native ideas wherever it went. In fact, the padre was as important for propaganda, brainwashing, and thus ease of conquest as the soldier was. Later Semitic ideologies have continued with gusto down this path.

The objective of the Communists (and other neo-Semitic ideologies) is to destroy Buddhism, Hinduism and other Indic faiths. In this, they seek to ally themselves with the meso-Semitics. The irony is that this is not exactly a clever strategy. Even if the meso-Semites come to power with the help of Communists, they liquidate the latter ruthlessly, and this should be considered poetic justice. This is why there are no Communists in Bangladesh, or Afghanistan. This is why the Vatican collaborated with the Americans to wipe out Communism in Eastern Europe.

The problem is monoculture (as reflected in monotheism and other such mono-manias). Each of the Semitic belief systems considers itself the one and only answer to all the problems of mankind. Therefore their Final Solution is to wipe out all other possible answers. From the point of view of those being wiped out, who undergoing “cultural genocide”, as the Dalai Lama put it, this is understandably a life-and-death matter. From the point of view of humanity as a whole, monocultures (remember the potato blight) are susceptible to catastrophic failure, and diversity is necessity for the system to evolve and respond to unforeseen events. Thus monocultures are not good for homo sapiens or the environment.

This is why it is deeply disturbing that the UPA government is so obviously on the side of the Semitics. It has demonstrated utterly craven behavior, imposing restrictions on refugee Tibetans and exiling Nasrin, as well as turning a blind eye to Communist and ‘Dravidian’ violence and oppression of Indic beliefs. Indic tolerance has been turned into dhimmitude.

Let us contrast this with what Swami Vivekananda said on September 11th, 1893 (yes, exactly 108 years to the day prior to 9/11) at the Parliament of Religions: “I am proud to belong to a nation which has sheltered the persecuted and the refugees of all religions and all nations of the earth. I am proud to tell you that we have gathered in our bosom the purest remnant of the Israelites, who came to southern India and took refuge with us in the very year in which their holy temple was shattered to pieces by Roman tyranny. I am proud to belong to the religion which has sheltered and is still fostering the remnant of the grand Zoroastrian nation”. There is nothing to be proud of, only shame, in UPA-ruled India.

There is another point to ponder: consider all the divided nations that came into being a few decades ago: Germany, Vietnam, Korea, India. Germany and Vietnam have been re-united, and Korea will be, soon. But India will never be able to reunite the land masses of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Why? Those have become subject to a clean Final Solution of Semiticization: the Indics have been extinguished.

Final Solutions have worked for Semitics in many other places too before: they wiped out the native civilizations of Latin America, North America, Europe, West Asia, Central Asia, the Philippines, Australia, and so on. They are in the process of doing so in Korea and in the Indian Northeast. Theirs is not an idle threat; those who are in the gunsights of the Semites need to realize this is possibly the end of the line for them. They need to resist: no point going like lambs to the gas chamber. Resistance, armed and violent if necessary, is the only answer. There is no point in chanting the Vedas to a raging bull. Pacifism leads to extinction.

Tibet’s torture is a continuation of an earlier attempt Final Solution: circa 1192 CE, Bakhtiar Khilji wiped out Nalanda, burned the great library, and beheaded all the monks he could find. The handful who escaped with their lives established Tibetan Buddhism. It is ironic but not surprising that the Han Chinese Communists, a millennium later, are attempting to wipe out Tibetan Buddhism. This fits into a broad Communist – Mohammedan axis.

The rest of us Indics cannot stand by idly and let this happen. For, it is Tibetans today, it is the rest of the Indics once Tibet has been completely taken over. We have to rage, rage against the fading of the light; we cannot go gentle into that good night.

March 31, 2008


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