Rajeev Srinivasan on the Obama candidacy

There certainly is a buzz around Barack Obama. His string of ten straight victories over Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries has startled both pundits and average voters. I am yet to be bewitched by Obama’s oratorical flourishes, but those who have heard him appear to be enraptured. The extravagant comparisons to John Kennedy’s fabled Camelot, the enthusiastic youngsters who mob him everywhere, the immense fund-raising he has managed – all this suggests that Obama’s momentum is unstoppable.

That would lead to an interesting outcome: a telegenic and charismatic, younger, black man selected as the candidate of the Democratic Party. It was not so long ago that Democratic presidential hopeful George Wallace of Alabama swore something about “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever”. Indeed, the South of racism and the good ol’ boy and Mississippi Burning (the story of two Jewish and a black civil rights workers murdered by whites) was solidly Democratic a generation ago.

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