Democracy and autocracy, subcontinent-ishtyle

November 5, 2007

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4 Responses to “Democracy and autocracy, subcontinent-ishtyle”

  1. rsoman Says:

    Hello Rajeev,

    Youe article is a masterpiece. Terrific language, razor sharp views and humorous! Woww.. keep it up!!

    The best was your reference to Deve Gowda.



  2. sudheeshchethil Says:

    Dear Rajeev,

    I read your article. I would like to say that it is a poor quality article. Because you have used “terrific” language it doen’t become a good article. Your article looks like a BJP manifesto. Why you have just forgot to say/criticize BJP?. Let me ask you one question. What is democracy?. Who is responsible for this democratic goverment(exclusing BJP) ?. The experince I got from last 30 years of life I can tell you something in certain. atleast in my field. I never met any school/institutes which has more than 20% good teachers. Don’t think that I studied in some village schools. I have my masters and Ph. D from IIT. We people in India are responsible for the the goverment in India. To improve Indian system, we all should improve individually. Otherwise we will favour our friends and criticize our enimies. Like you did in your article without saying one word about BJP. But you know the rule: (from your article)”I get it: Islamic terrorists who are pals of Musharraf are ‘freedom-fighters.’ Islamic terrorists who oppose him are ‘insurgents.’ Very clear distinction”. For you congrees is a insurgents and BJP is a freedom-fighters. yes, you have the freedom to write any rubbish in Indian media. That is democracy. I don’t know your qualifications. but your article is a complete nonsence.


  3. shankar99 Says:

    This is for the guy who has commented above – Take it from me Masters and Phd guys in IIT are losers.So pls dont try to impress people by telling that !!!
    If you really wanted to get a real Phd you should have done it from US.You would have got the seats for masters because the decent IITians leave for US by then anwyay.

    How did you deduce the writeup as a BJP manifesto ?
    Also will your thoughts about this article change if you know what the writers qualifications are ? As far as i know he went to IIT and did MBA from Stanford.

    Also nonsence is spelled NONSENSE.Buzz off bozo.

  4. Will Rhodes Says:

    Why the hell do I keep getting linked to this post?

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