Rediff took out my little dig at those crass ‘Dravidians’: so I’ve put in crossout what they deleted. Here is what I originally sent to Rediff, in its entirety.

The purely scientific case for Rama’s Bridge

Rajeev Srinivasan on the unintended consequences of messing with the seas

In these days when we worry about global warming, it takes great chutzpah or ignorance, or both, to proceed with a plan to induce major environmental changes, with uncertain consequences. Fortunately, India’s politicians are amply blessed with both chutzpah and ignorance. When combined with first-class greed, you get black comedies like the Sethu Samudram Project for destroying the remnants of the ancient land-bridge, known as the Rama Sethu or Rama’s Bridge, connecting India and Sri Lanka.

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Independence, Freedom, Democracy and other such myths


Rajeev Srinivasan is disappointed by India’s trajectory.


The usual suspects made the usual speeches on August 15th, 2007, mouthing the usual pure cant. But the sad fact remains that sixty years after the grasping imperialists left, India has comprehensively under-achieved on all fronts; all that has changed is the skin-color of the looters. Ten years ago, I was far more optimistic, and wrote about the coming Indian century; today, despite the obvious progress made on the economic front, I am overwhelmed by a sense of disappointment.


I have been discouraged by what I have observed in the last ten years. The loss of heritage. The disdain for autochthonous civilization. The perversion of the discourse in the country by Stalinist ‘intellectuals’. The regular terrorist attacks that cheapen Indian lives. The total non-reaction by government to oppression of people of Indian origin abroad.


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