New blog, celebrating Onam and bright sunshine

September 4, 2006

This is an Onam experiment for me. I have been concerned that my existing blog,, has no mechanism that shows summaries of posts with a “more…” link; thus long posts take up a lot of space.

On the other hand, blogspot has the advantage that I can simply forward mails to the blog. To post something here I actually have to type in a lot of stuff into an HTML box as opposed to forwarding a mail with a comment.

So I think this blog will be qualitatively different from the old one, which will continue to exist. There will be more little essays here rather than quick comments. Thus the old blog will be the spontaneous one, this the more sparse but more edited one.

Hence I am trying out this new blog to see if it is a better experience for all concerned. Your comments are welcome. If this experiment doesnt work — for instance this HTML editing feels really slow — I will revert entirely to the old blog.

12 Responses to “New blog, celebrating Onam and bright sunshine”

  1. Apollo Says:

    Hi Rajeev. Welcome to wordpress. It is infinitely better than Blogspot and it is very stable. It is easy to categorise ur posts so that it can be retrieved easily unlike in blogspot where it could get lost.

    It is also very forgiving but the only minus point is its editor which is very clumsly and clunky. I would recommend that u download a desktop editor from which is very good.

    I had written a post about the differences and disadvantages and advantages of Blogspot vs wordpress when moving to myself. I think it could be of some help to compare and contrast both services. It is here.

  2. Apollo Says:

    and rajeev u rock. been a big fan of yours and i think ur one of the few around who shares my distrust of the Chinese :).

    They are sneaking up on our back while we are fixated towards threats from pakistan, internal insurgencies and Al-Qaeda etc…

  3. Sameer Says:


    Congrats on ur new blog.
    Well, Happy Onam and Ganesh Chaturthi (Belated).

    This one feels good. Im posting a comment after a long long time since you disabled non-blogger comments.

    There is a lot of hungama especially of the death of a prof at Ujjain allegeledly at the hands of ABVP students. The ELM, having got an issue is making a mountain of it… ABVP = BJP, MP GOVT = BJP. BJP = GUJARAT = RIOTS = 2000 muslims killed and what not….

    Also, no word on the 4 Indians killed in Iraq by Sunni millitants.

    In another article I read about Onam being a ‘Kerala’ festival, and marxists who detest festivals celebrate it, it was written that they see Marx in mahabali ! ROTFL!

    It was a nice one about Lalu turning up at your alma mater Stanford…

    Have a nice time…


  4. AB Says:

    This new blog looks much cleaner than the old one. Of course, the design can also be changed to look like this. I’m not an expert on blogs and blog publishing software, but it seems to me that WordPress has a lot of plugins that you can use. Plus, WordPress seems to be more customizable.

  5. Shahryar Says:

    Is it possible to enable a “preview” comment option?

  6. rajeev2007 Says:

    Apollo, Thanks, that’s great advice. Will follow your suggestions.

    And thank you for being a fan šŸ™‚

    AB, ‘cleaner’? Sparser, maybe?

    Shahryar, Dont know how to preview comments. I guess it’s WYSIWYG

  7. AB Says:

    I suppose you could call it ‘sparser’ too. A nice, clean interface is always refreshing to see. I think this theme (‘white as milk’?) suits the subject of the blog well.

  8. chandramahal Says:

    Posting comments appear to be more difficult in this site.

    What does the ‘website’ mean?

  9. shahryar Says:

    @chandramahal – the “Website” field is optional. You can use it to provide a URL that is relevant to your comment.

  10. shahryar Says:

    @Rajeev – you may wish to try this WordPress plugin to make life simpler for commentators.

    Filosofo Comments Preview

    I believe that you get WYSIWYG when you are creating content.

  11. chandramahal Says:

    All the optional ‘website’ business seems to have been given the go by. Now one MUST be logged in to post a comment.

    And my comment is ‘more power to your shoulders, Rajeev’

  12. sresha Says:

    You seem to have limited (or NO) knowledge of Kannada and Karnataka. Kannada was widely spoken in Vijayanagara empire and most of the literary sources found in that era are in Kannada. For more information visit

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